Sunday, August 14, 2016

PARTY TIME: 13 going on 30

Dear Olive,

I am contemplating whether to have a get-together for my upcoming milestone birthday.  Do you remember the 30th birthdays we threw each other?  Yours was a roaring 20s party (End of your 20s).  I had a baby during it.

The following year, you threw me the loveliest 13 going on 30 Birthday party.

You sent out Razzles with a tape deck invite.

And hosted with pink punch and a candy bar.

Remember... this was before candy bars were cool.

(And also before we had good cameras).


Each guest wore pajamas and received a pair of flip flops upon entry.

They had the chance to make their own hand scrub

And you hired a cosmetologist to do nails and give hand massages.

People waiting in line enjoyed lavender foot soaks.

We capped off the night with an outdoor movie (13 Going on 30).... of course

And then played old school "Mall Madness" and "Girl Talk Dateline" board games.  And drank.

Looking back, it seems so idyllic.  I almost forget that Jason was upstairs passing a kidney stone while baby Gabriel refused to sleep.


See, with all of your effort, I only remember the games and booze. 

What a friend I have in you, dear Olive.

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