Monday, January 25, 2016


Dear Olive,

I have decided to permit winter to enfold me.  To cease in trying to lurch myself into high octane productivity and to instead slow into the grey stillness of the season.

Each winter, I rally against the quieting of nature and the bleak months ahead.  What if, instead of trying to pursue my to-do list with ragged exhaustion, I used the time as a reset.  To read, and rest, and to be still.  To contemplate instead of motivate.

Everything needs silence.  Maybe silence is what I need.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Dear Olive, 

Right before winter, we made some updates to the playhouse interior. 

We painted and added curtains from a vintage sheet, added hooks for some child-size folding chairs, and a table for a garage-sale toy stove I found.

Immediately after the house was built, our neighbor; an antique dealer, put a damaged octagonal inlaid tabletop on the curb for trash pick up.  I hauled it over, certain that it would be the perfect floor for the playhouse.  Alas, the dimensions were too small, but I begged our friend into lending me his miter saw and cut down 2x4s to rim the table and fit into the floor.  We now have parquet flooring in the playhouse.  

PS... I seriously almost cut off my thumb using the saw.


The kids and I regularly play monster in the house and have dog tea parties.

There is a loft above with pillows and I have grand plans to wallpaper the ceiling with this paper, and of course to install a chandelier.

There is nothing lovelier than sitting in the house with the windows open and the breeze blowing the smell of our vegetable garden through the space.  

And Ella makes the best tea on the block.

She has a cup waiting for Violet and Johnny.