Sunday, March 27, 2016


Dear Olive,

Wow.  The Easter Bunny was especially terrifying this year.  For me... not the kids.  They just went along with it.  But he kind of haunts my dreams.  Looking back, he has been the same one each year.  But, perhaps insomnia wore on me too harshly to take notice.

Upon further research, this is apparently a phenomenon.

Holy crap.  No doubt childhood paranoia is on the rise.

Friday, March 25, 2016


Dear Olive,

We are soon to embark on our bedroom renovation.  It all started when Ella began to outgrow her toddler bed.  We deliberated for some time on which room to relocate her to, since her present room is too small for a twin.

Option one was our guest room with the on suite, but since it also has a balcony, we worried about safety.  Ella picks locks like a hardened criminal.

Option two was our present bedroom.  This seemed more likely since it adjoins the jack and jill bath, so the kids could share and we could have our own space.  The problem with this move; however, was that we would lose our three closets out of the master.  And the small bathroom is in a state of disrepair with a terrible fiberglass shower.

In trying to solve this dilemma, I solicited the advice of many friends and family members.  It was my mom who eventually suggested that we create an entrance to the small bedroom from the master to create a walk-in closet.  We decided to go for it and to recreate the footprint of the bathroom while we were at it.  Enter: Leisure Suite.

Here are some specs on the dream:

I either want to go really light:

or really dark:

We've got to figure out the chandelier and the seating area:

Perhaps with a deco spin?

Since seeing the movie The Intern, I have been obsessed with marble fireplaces.

I hope to find an antique mantel and then do an insert like this:

I'd love to makeover the bathroom for more functionality and luxury.  

We are going to blow through one of the closets to enlarge the shower.  I'm crossing my fingers for a mini clawfoot tub as well.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Dear Olive,

As I mentioned here, a few years ago I made some special busy bags that I brought out only when I fed the baby or when I needed the toddler to play independently.  I'd put on Pandora and tell him, "play for two songs and then it will be your time after."  Since you're in the transition way, I'm sending you our busy bags to use with Violet.  Here is mailing number two:

View Master Busy Bag: 

Get an old View Master at a garage sale... put that situation in a bag.


Clothesline Busy Bag:

Cut up some felt into clothing shapes (they especially like underware).  Add some clothespins and ribbon for the clothesline. 


Enjoy the solitude.