Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Dear Olive,

I am resurrecting the Eat Play Plan.

Here is tonight's fare:
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Monday, July 11, 2016


Dear Olive, 

I'm going to be real with you.  The state of our bathroom pre-demo is not pretty.  Here is where we are at present:

There is no door on the bathroom.  We have been using this black and white curtain and tension rod for many years.

The floor is 80s vinyl and the trim is cheap tile glued on top of the period tile.

The fiberglass shower is our greatest shame.  It too was added in the 80s and no amount of Magic Eraser can keep it maintained.  Note the rusty bottom edges.

I do love the 50s sink, but it is corroded beyond repair.  I'll be sad to see it go.

We are actually going to keep the space heater and clean it up.  The tag on the bottom says 1948.  It still works!  Though it is a total fire hazard, I turn it on everyday I shower in the winter.

When you walk in the room, there is a wall on the immediate left.  It is the backside of the shower and cuts the room in half, making the footprint seem very small.

The window treatments are inexcusable. 

So here is the plan:  We are going to blow through the master closet, (this bedroom has two closets).  The closet will become our walk-in shower, which will have an arched entry.
The closet is pretty large, which means that we will have space for a bench and two shower heads.

We will add hex penny tile to the floors of the bath and shower.  The Shower walls will be white subway tile striped with black penny hex.  We will keep the sink and toilet location and recess the antique cupboard I found.

I can't wait to begin!

Friday, July 8, 2016


Dear Olive,

I have perfected the morning smoothie recipe!  I have tried so many berry combinations.  But then I added one new ingredient in that made it all perfect.  Can you guess what is was?

A lemon!  I added one whole, peeled lemon and everything was the perfect mix of sour and sweet.  Here is the full golden recipe in case you are interested:

1 Ripe Banana
Handful Blueberries
Handful Strawberries
Orange Juice
I Peeled Lemon

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Dear Olive,

Disclaimer:   If you want to see the terribleness that is "Independence Day 2," do not read this post.

I just wanted to reach out as a public service announcement to say that, if in all patriotism and allegiance to your spousal duties you dain to enter into a verbal contract with your husband to see this motion picture, prepare yourself for the following carnage:

  • A landslide that destroys most of the western hemisphere stopping just short of the White House.
  • A school bus that outruns a light speed alien
  • A father telling his daughter before suicide bombing another species: "I'm not doing this to save the planet, I'm doing it to save you."
  • Lots of epitaphs of "kicking alien ass."

Just engage in your hotdogs, and your parades, and picnic in peace.  Do not waste 2 hours of your life in an experience more painful than birth.

And if you do, get reparations.  I; myself, chose a shady Craigslist venture 2 hours away from our house to obtain an antique summer cover for our new fireplace.  We're almost even.