Saturday, February 14, 2015


Dear Olive,

Last Valentines Day I was on the hunt for some mini-mailboxes to affix outside the kids bedroom doors.  I finally scouted out these trading stamp boxes from the 50s.

I bought two at auction online and gifted them to the kids with a sweet treat inside.  Since then, these boxes have become a fixture in our family.  I put a note, small book, or string of beads in them regularly.

 The grandparents even pitch in and tuck in letters to the kids.  My dad writes a knock knock joke for them every week and hides it inside with a picture.

After a year, the novelty still hasn't worn off.  I love to hear them squeal with delight when they found that they've received mail.

Last week while Gabriel was making his valentines for school, he wrote Ella's name on one and ran up to the mailboxes to put it in.  He couldn't wait for her to find it.  "Do you want to go and check your mailbox to see if you have mail?" he said.  Then they ran up together to fetch it.  Made my heart swell!

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