Monday, February 23, 2015


Dear Olive,

I was a very fortunate child.  With lots of grandparents, aunts, and uncles to dote over my brother and me, birthdays and Christmases were very blessed.  Yet, there are so few gifts that I actually remember.  One of the gifts that I recall after all of these years was not the fanciest or most expensive.  Perhaps though, it was the most ingenious.  For my sixth birthday, my very cool uncle sent me a crepe paper ball.

As you unroll the ball, a small toy would pop out.  Each layer unearthed another tiny gift.  It wasn't the value of the toys, but the process of opening surprises over and over again that captured me.  Years later, I still remember this as a favorite gift.

When my lovely friend Mabel hosted her son's birthday a few weeks ago, I endeavored to create a crepe ball of my own.

I started by purchasing a mega roll of crepe paper and small token items that were either flat or small enough to wrap around.

I added items as I wrapped the ball like yarn, changing the color of the crepe throughout.

Finally, I tucked the last space of crepe into a wrapped space and secured the ball with a large bow.

I have big plans to repeat this gift for several occasions.  I plan to purchase gifts related to the interests of each individual.  For example:

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