Saturday, October 4, 2014


Dear Olive,

I've been thinking lately about how isolating new motherhood is.  The irony of adding to the world's population and ending up lonely was unexpected to me.  Still, I feel fortunate to be experiencing the journey alongside my best friend.  Even if we are too tired to call and see each other rarely, I think of you daily.  While I feed my babies and as I rock them to sleep, I imagine you doing the same.  Gone are the madmen days of raising a family as a neighborhood and of mothers cavorting in the dusk with their wash lines.  But at the end of a long day, I wonder if we would have the energy to dine together or share our evenings even if we lived next door.  So, in place of our daily conversations and spontaneous travels with each other, I'm starting a blog.  To log the life we have for now, and keep you a part of the daily wanderings.  Hello Olive, welcome to my musings to you.


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  2. Dearest Laurel,

    I'm SO lucky to have you. And yes, we would find time to dine together if we only had to walk next door...I'll see if the house is for sale.