Dear Olive,

This is you:

You are a hippie and a truth teller.  Your passion makes me want to breathe next to you always.

This is me: (Your nickname for me is Laurel)

I am writing this blog to you because:

1.  Any time we try to call each other on the phone our children hiss and carry on like feral cats.

2.  I am a full time psychologist and I need to enact a creative avatar of only positive memories.  Later in life, I intend to read these posts to you and to my grandchildren.  I will remember everything in life as happy and shiny.

3.  I need more opportunities to use my favorite words, "frock," and "parcel." Every time I attempt this in public, others look at me like I am an insect.

Thanks for helping me with these goals.  You are my kindred.

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