Sunday, December 11, 2016


Dear Olive, 

 I find that in these, the most magical of holiday seasons, it takes intentionality to decompress and restore oneself in the midst all of the hubbub.  

This season, I am looking forward to quiet nights with the glow of Christmas lights and wood burning fires

To walks outside with families and the fun of finding the most worthy of discount trees to murder,

Looking forward to some solo dates with each child

And to the joy of the season.  

Sometimes, in the anticipation of all of these things, I trick myself out of being present and focus instead on the minutia of aesthetic perfection or on the work of gifts and "shoulds."

What a shame it is to look back upon perfect photos of all of the memories only to recall the stress and angst I felt over not aptly reaching the finish line.  

This year, I intend to get some things wrong.  To forget to send the Christmas cards and to drop the ball on a few other things.

Instead, I want to take the time to be curious about who is waiting in line next to me, instead of running down my "to do" list ad nauseam.  

I want to savor the sticky hands and mismatched socks.  

Recently, I re-read this post about the narrative in our heads.  I lack the muscle memory to practice self care and effortlessness.  This year, I intend to exercise.