Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Dear Olive, 

Each night before bed, after our chapter reading, Gabriel asks for a story; featuring him as the protagonist, helping super heroes to "fight crime."  For months, he's directed the story to conclude with him opening the door of his closet to find a super hero lair in it's place.  So, for Christmas this year, we planned a big surprise...

I started by gathering all of the outdated $1 thrift store electronics that I could find.  

I spray painted them in four primary "Marvel" colors 

I took a salvage door we had in our basement and covered it with fabric remnants from the kid's last birthday.  The plan was to create a faux door in the middle of his long rectangular closet, dividing it in half and creating a secret closet behind.

I then attached the door to this curbside find children's cabinet with L-brackets (adding cork for a tight fit).

I attached inexpensive castors to the bottom of the cabinet to make it easy to roll the false door back and forth, so that we could still access his clothing.

On Christmas I put a comic strip in the mail slot leading him to his secret lair.

I made the comic using this free website.

I had added all of his superhero toys and attached the electronic devices to the walls with nails and Command strips. 

The lair has become his favorite place in the house.  

He plays in it on Saturday and Sunday mornings before we wake up.

And it's the first thing he shows his friends when they come over to play. 

Sometimes, when I'm in the next room, I hear Ella and Gabe in the closet working out the crime-fighter plan together. 

And as a bonus, now he always wants to keep his closet neat. 

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