Monday, August 15, 2016


Dear Olive,

We have made some serious progress on the pink bathroom.  It all started Mother's Day weekend.

My Mother's Day gift was Jason demoing.   

Everyone pitched in.

We got down to the wooden lath.

And then the contractor came in and took care of business with the floor.  He also cut through the wall next to the sink into the closet.

You know how you see these people who have little children running around their demo projects and it seems so team-minded?  Well, mine made it four minutes each before we risked tetanus and shut. it. down.  

The progress that involved the professionals was much more exciting.  Here is the closet before and after. 

I know that they likely thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to leave the pink tile.  They were sweet about it, but come on, it does look bad here.

I squealed when they installed the arch.

And the tile and shower bench makes me so happy!

They had to trim down the back of the antique cabinet to recess it into the wall.  Here, you can also see the hex tile stripes in the shower.

We started painting this weekend.  Considering where we started, I'm optimistic.

Stay tuned for the finish line!

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