Saturday, August 20, 2016


Dear Olive, 

Last summer I schemed to make a lemonade stand for the kids.  A few weekends ago we made the dream a reality with a garage sale bookcase and some scraps from the bathroom construction site.  

My mom found the bookcase for us and we raided the dumpster for the remaining wood.  The half circle was from our new shower doorway

Here Gabriel models the nifty fold-up feature of the bookcase.  This is especially helpful as Jason has forbade me to cram more bulky crap into the garage.

We painted it.  
Do you think I need a 12 step program for my addiction to yellow spray paint?

We advertised with signage down the street and readied ourselves with lemonade and temporary tattoos.  

We called it "Drinks and Ink" and Ella manned the register.

The kids consumed over half of our product, but overall it was a neighborhood success.

Afterwards we literally closed up shop!

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