Sunday, May 1, 2016


Dear Olive, 

I feel like I have been awaiting spring for an eternity.  A few days ago, when the sun finally began to shine, we packed up and lugged Ella's rolling crib storage drawer out to the lawn.  I gave the kids each a box and we each started to paint a "small world" for our plastic animals.

Cardboard boxes are amazing, aren't they?  

This action seriously bought us at least two hours.

It did devolve when we got to the "lets imprison each other in our boxes" stage.

But, ultimately, the product was successful.

Ella's play with small animals is very dramatic.

Why is the baby always lost and the mama is stranded?

I blame Disney.

Irregardless, I think we came out on top with this one.  Hope your start to spring involves less imprisonment and more rescue.

xo Laurel

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