Saturday, April 23, 2016


Dear Olive,

#savethepinkbathroom.  I've decided that I just can't let the pink tile go in our master bath.  It reminds me of my grandma and of the history of our house.  On doing some research, I realize that there are very few  pink bathrooms left in our world.  They were originally motivated by Mamie Eisenhower, who decorated the White House with so much pink, it was dubbed the "pink palace."  Who am I to destroy pink with such political prowess?

Fortunately, Jason is game for the challenge.  We are planning to start renovation next month.  So I am sculpting a plan to retain the pink but add some updated touches.  I've been pouring over photos of what the space originally featured.

I wonder if our bathroom once had a tiny version of the pink sink pictured here:

I've found few new designs that marry modern and post-war well.  Here are some of my favorites:

I loved Jordan's update to her San Francisco pink bath.  The labeled hooks are perfection.

Maybe with this wallpaper?

And here is our sink!  

I'm excited to share with you my specs for our vision.  Phase 1 Leisure Suite!

PS: Check out the bath AFTER reveal here.

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