Thursday, April 7, 2016

CALMING MY FERRAL CHILDREN with environmental research

Dear Olive,

My kids are losing it.  It is seriously baby fight club over here.  Do I need to create a sensory room in our house?  Should I use physical restraint more often?  Neither Catholic guilt nor positive psychology is working.  Maybe they are just disregulated?  This week, our intervention will be going outside.  Do you remember when our parents locked the screen door and told us not to come back in until it was dark?  Apparently all of that boredom in the backyard was good for us.  I'm not willing to go quite so far as unsupervised shank creation...

But maybe this?

Today we took a hike for about an hour outdoors.  They did try to participate in the shank exercise, but after redirection seemed calm.

I will be collecting data of sibling strangulation and will let you know if this plan works long term.

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