Monday, September 7, 2015


Dear Olive,

I am presently despairing in my many trend-redundant projects.  I pride myself in designing my home with creative endeavors that are above the fray.  Although commercial trends may be the way that many like to tread, I like to curate with things that are original or cutting edge.  So, when something catches fire and I start seeing it everywhere, I sometimes feel a bit cheated.  I feel annoyed that my space feels about as abberant as a Twilight novel.  Thus, for the record, here is a list of things that; although now ubiquitous, I definitely thought of first... without Pinterest.

Black and white rugs

I totally take credit for this.  I scoured the internet for a black and white rug over a decade ago.  I even got so desperate that I tried to paint my own.  Now I see them incessantly.  

Kid teepees

Ok, so Land of Nod made the commercial ones cool, but I made my own before all of these other Pinterest repeats.


I'm not saying that I invented the zig zag, but this thing has exploded since I got on board, right?

Painting everything yellow

No one has more yellow or mustard than me.  But I'm pretty sure that Target and Crate and Barrel are trying to give me a run for my money.  

DIY dog kennels

This is a thing now.  I even saw them at a home show lately!  Sigh.

Wallpapered small spaces

I actually painted this when we moved in because wallpaper was so faux pax and I couldn't find any without country roosters on it.  Now it is everywhere!

I am additionally grieved to discover yet another creative redundancy in the form of BatDad.  Two years ago, I video taped my husband going about his daily tasks as Batman (which unfortunately was a regular occurrence and was unprompted by me).  Below is the bloodshed.

BatDad may be funnier and more comprehensive, but we definitely thought of it here first!

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