Saturday, September 26, 2015


Dear Olive,

This is our first year with everyone in school!  To ease the transition to a school schedule, we invited our neighborhood friends for a dry run on Saturday.

We sent out an invite using Red Stamp.

Got the beverages ready,

Baked some muffins, 

Set out some cereal and yogurt,

And accessorized with some school-themed Fisher Price

When everyone arrived, we grilled pancakes and sausage and decorated lunch bags and eraser boxes.

It was an amazing playdate.  Afterwards, I asked the moms: a psychologist, a pediatrician, and a preschool teacher, what black had magic caused all of the nine preschool and kindergarten aged children to play together so perfectly without a single transgression.  Typically; when we have a family over to dinner,we can't make it through five minutes without conflict.  "Morning", they replied.  All kids are all better behaved in the morning.  They have more stamina for problem solving.  Aha!  Lightbulb!

We were completely ready for the real thing on Monday.

We celebrated the launch on Monday with french toast.

And read our back to school book "The Kissing Hand" before our walk to school.

Wish us luck!

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