Sunday, January 25, 2015


Dear Olive,

Trying to win at the Eat Play Plan tonight, I gave the kids some artwork to do while I hid some letters for a scavenger hunt.  The intent was to hide letters around the house, put on this song while they collected them, and then spell their names.

Unfortunately, the tide turned.  I heard my husband gasp upon returning to the kitchen.  It appears that Ella popped the watercolor ovals from her art desk and happily munched them while I busied myself with the business of finding things to keep them busy.  She downed green, blue, orange, brown, and half of yellow in about four minutes.  She declared them delicious as I dialed Poison Control.

I knew that they were likely nontoxic, even though the box didn't specify.  But it just made me feel better to have the Poison Control lady underscore that I shouldn't worry when she has green stool tomorrow.  She also commented that Ella has an under-defined pallet.

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