Monday, July 27, 2015


Dear Olive,

As I grow older, I am beginning to fall into the camp of valuing quality apparel over quantity.  I've found a few vintage items over the years that have lasted me for the long haul (not to mention those previous generations from whom I inherited the stuff).  Lately, I've been rocking a 1960's bathing suit much like the blue one below:

Although I love it, I'll admit that it isn't a perfect fit.  Also, my husband often refers to it as "Aunt Sally's swimsuit...which is the opposite of sexy.  So, I am presently in the market for a new classic.  In former years, I would have just bought something adequately made from the Target racks, but this is the era of quality; therefore, here are some possibilities:

Ultimately, I decided on this Tori Burch.   

The blue and white will pay homage to Aunt Sally.

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